Discover a new era of picture quality. 4K.

4K goes by many names—4K, Ultra HD, Ultra High Def. No matter what you call the industry’s best picture, you can find it on DIRECTV. With four times the resolution of HD, 4K is the best picture and sound you can get in your home1. And when you combine it with our Genie® HD DVR, the experience only gets better.
directv 4k hd

If you love HD, get ready for 4K.

If HD is a theater-quality experience, 4K transports you into the movie. 4K has four times the resolution of HD—8 million pixels instead of 2 million—so it provides more than just richer colors and smoother lines. It brings your entertainment to life.

No 4k TV? No worries. We have HD Galore.

These days, if you can’t watch TV in HD, it’s hardly worth watching at all. DIRECTV offers over 195 full-time HD channels.

So you can watch your favorite shows—plus the latest blockbusters on DIRECTV CINEMA—in beautiful HD resolutions of up to 1080p.

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