Listed below are the MAJOR differences between the two products.


  • Does NOT require internet service
  • REQUIRES a technician to install the service
  • Requires a satellite dish
  • Does NOT have integrated apps (ie Netflix, Youtube, Pandora)
  • Carries NFL Sunday Ticket and all other major seasonal sports packages.
  • Requires a soft credit check
  • Locals are available in every market
  • Service will NOT go out if your internet goes out.
  • Has NO voice remote control
  • Has LOCAL storage DVR service (500 Hours)
  • 2 year agreement required


  • REQUIRES internet service
  • Does NOT require a technician to install (is mailed as a self install kit ONLY)
  • Does NOT require a satellite dish
  • DOES have integrated apps (ie Netflix, Pandora) – you would still have to pay for these individual services (optional)
  • No seasonal sports packages
  • Does NOT require a soft credit check (this may change at a later date)
  • Locals may NOT be available in every market. (this is still slowly rolling out)
  • Service WILL go out if your internet goes out.
  • Has voice remote control
  • Has CLOUD storage DVR Service (20 Hours) – add unlimited for only $10/mo
  • No annual contracts

Both services require a one time activation fee and credit card on file.


If you are are NOT tech savvy, do not want to install your own equipment, love seasonal sports packages, have no internet or slow internet or live in a rural area – choose DIRECTV.

If you are are tech savvy, wouldn’t mind self installing your own equipment, already have fast internet, and would like to have integrated streaming apps – choose DIRECTV Stream