The Next Generation of TV is here.
HS17 Genie 2

Small Hub, Incredible Features

DIRECTV Genie 2 is designed to take TV in your home to the next level. With our unique wireless hub with a built in DVR – we’ve reduced all those wires and clutter for all your TVs.

The powerful DIRECTV hub can be placed anywhere in your home. From there, all you need is our wireless Genie Mini receivers. It’s that simple. We’re making TV more advanced than ever before!

Features and Benefits


  • Watch up to 7 different programs at one time
  • Up to Two 4k programs
  • Up to 450 Hours of HD content
  • Full DVR capability to every TV*
  • Equipment Flexibility
  • Streamlined Installation Process


  • Fewer conflicts over what to watch and record. Watch up to 7 different programs at a time in your home.
  • Make the most of the 4K experience. 4K recording or viewing capability is doubled.
  • More entertainment saved for the entire family. With the increased storage everyone can record their favorite movies, shows and sports!
  • Enjoy all the benefits of your HD DVR in any room. Record, pause, and rewind live TV, plus fast-forward, and delete pre-recorded shows from any room with a Wireless Genie Mini. You can start watching in one room and finish in another. *TV must be connected to a Genie mini or be an RVU enabled device/TV.
  • Store the Genie 2 anywhere in the home. Genie 2 is a central wireless server that is not connected to a TV, so it can be placed in an out-of-sight location.
  • Less drilling and wiring around your home. Easier and faster installation is available because the connection from the Genie 2 to Wireless Genie Minis is via Wi-Fi network! Hard-wired installation is only required for 4K televisions.

What's the difference? Compare Genies.

FeaturesGenieGenie 2
Connected TVs (max)88
Talking GuideYesNo
Remote Control CompatibleYesNo
Storage1 TB Up to 200 Hours of HD2 TB Up to 450 Hours of HD or the equivalent of 125 hours of 4K
Attachment to TVYesNo (Tower) *Requires a Genie mini or RVU enabled device. Genie Minis must be connected to TV
4K Streams12
# of Recordings at once57
Built in Wireless Video BridgeNoYes
Equipment Form FactorFlatTower

Genie 2 (HS17) Specifications

DIRECTV Genie 2 Specifications
HS17 Genie 2

Front View & Rear View


  • Height: 266 mm (10.47 inches)
  • Width: 154 mm (6.06 inches)
  • Depth: 142 mm (5.59 inches)

Front Panel

  • Status Light: Multi-Color Status Indicator LED light
  • Wireless Light: Multi-Color Wi-Fi Status Indicator LED light (Internal WVB Status)

Top Panel

  • Add Client Button: Add Client button with Green LED light (at the top)

Rear Panel

  • POWER INPUT: 25.2V DC power connector with power indicator LED
  • SAT IN—SWM: One satellite input coax connector (SWiM)
  • MoCA: One MoCA status indicator LED
  • USB: One USB 3.0 port
  • ETHERNET: One Ethernet port
  • eSATA: One eSATA port
  • Access Card (SIM CARD): with instruction to PUSH TO EJECT: One Conditional Access Card slot (Do not access unless instructed by AT&T agent)

Side Panel

  • RESET Button: One red reset button


Genie 2 needs to be placed in a vertical position. Sensors will detect when the orientation is not vertical. The Wireless LED will display Flashing Yellow, and the clients will display an On-Screen Tilt Error Display.