Don’t be fooled, DIRECTV is the clear winner.

Any way you look at it,
DIRECTV beats DISH hands down.

Here are the facts plain and simple: if you want the ultimate HD DVR experience, the best channels at the best price, more full-time HD channels than Dish, and more sports, you need DIRECTV. Read on and compare for yourself.

More full-time HD channels - over 195+YESNO
The most sports including NFL Sunday TicketYESNO
20 more of your favorite channels on average than comparable DISH packagesYESNO
#1 in customer satisfaction over all cable and satellite providersYESNO

DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all other cable and satellite providers.

It’s not lonely at the top when you’re standing beside over 20 million loyal customers. We work hard to keep each one of them thrilled with the unmatched entertainment experience they get from DIRECTV. That’s why we’ve consistently ranked higher in customer satisfaction than any other cable or satellite TV provider, including DISH.

directv ranks first over dish and cable
directv packages

Want more HD? You need DIRECTV.

You love HD. So do we. That’s why DIRECTV offers over 195 full-time HD channels — more than DISH, no matter how they slice it. This means you can watch more of your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events in beautiful HD resolutions of up to 1080p to 4K.
directv sports

Want more HD? You need DIRECTV.

There’s only one way to see every NFL game every Sunday. That’s with NFL SUNDAY TICKET.And only DIRECTV has it. We’ve also got MLB EXTRA INNINGS® and the most coverage of PGA golf, USTA tennis, and MLS soccer. Tonight’s main event: DIRECTV vs DISH. It’s no contest.