DIRECTV Equipment

DIRECTV HR44/54 GENIE Receiver

DIRECTV Genie grants your every TV wish.

Now everyone in your family can enjoy all of their favorite shows, live or recorded, in any room—from a single HD DVR. It’s called Genie and it’s our most advanced HD DVR ever. Genie gives you full HD DVR functionality on every TV in your home, lets you record five shows at once, and offers more HD recording capacity than cable. Consider your
TV wishes granted.


DIRECTV Genie 2 grants you extra TV wishes!

The Genie 2™ is the next-generation Genie Server satellite receiver. It provides breakthrough features,
sophisticated integration and enhanced customer experience.
Genie 2 is considered a “Headless Server.” A Headless Server is a satellite receiver that has no connection or
output to a TV (local display) on its own and is dedicated to providing services to its Genie clients (Genie Mini
set-top boxes) and RVU TV clients.

Genie Mini DIRECTV

DIRECTV Genie Mini's power the whole home!

DIRECTV Genie Minis are the essential counterpart to the Genie. These receivers allow the entire home to be powered with DIRECTV service. These little guys sure pack a punch! The next-generation minis (or clients) allow you to operate every TV in the home as if it was a full size Genie – features and all!

directv hd dvr hr24
DIRECTV HR24 HD Receiver

An amazing experience with our DIRECTV HD DVR.

Open the door to the entire universe of entertainment and features DIRECTV has to offer. Experience movies and shows on your own schedule in eye-popping HD. Access our huge library of On Demand content. Stream live TV on your computer or mobile device. And much more.

DIRECTV H25 HD Receiver

It’s like discovering TV for the first time with DIRECTV HD.

If you haven’t experienced the entertainment you love in DIRECTV HD, prepare to be blown away. See clarity, detail, and color as you’ve never seen them before.
DIRECTV Genie Lite H44 Receiver

Watch TV Now, Add DVR later.

On the fence about a getting a DVR? No problem! The Genie Lite offers the complete ability to upgrade later to a DVR and internet capabilities. All we do is send an accessory to plug in to upgrade it to a full featured Genie. Say goodbye to equipment swapping!