Upgradable HD entertainment
H44 Genie Lite

HD with a kick!

The DIRECTV Genie Lite has the same power as the DIRECTV Genie, without just with out hard drive. It has built in WiFi also easily allowing you to connect to the internet to unlock additional features.

Upgrade to DVR later

Wish you had chosen to have the ability to record? Not a problem. With DIRECTV Genie Lite you can upgrade to the full Genie experience by adding the Genie Lite HD DVR kit (sold seperatley). Now you can record your shows and unock all the same features as a Genie HD DVR!

genie lite h44 no dvr

Genie Lite (H44) Specifications

genie lite h44 specifications
H44 Genie Lite


  • ​Width: 8.3 in, Height: 1.2 in, Depth: 8.3 in

Audio Outputs

  • 1 Digital (coaxial)

Video Outputs

  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 Composite (RCA)


  • 1 eSATAp port labeled “Hard Drive”
  • 1 Satellite In, 1 Internal RF antenna
  • 1 Back USB 2.0 port, DC Power Connector with Power Indicator LED

The Genie Lite Receiver works with the DIRECTV Genie Remote (models RC7x).


Genie Lite HD DVR Kit


  • Width: 3 in, Height: 0.5 in, Depth, 4.5 in
  • eSATAp Cable (included w/DVR kit)
  • Length: 8 in


  • 1 eSATAp port,
  • 1 Terabyte of Storage