directv code 771


DIRECTV error code: 771

DIRECTV error code: 771

If you see this error code on your TV screen, it means that your DIRECTV receiver is having a hard time communicating with the satellite dish outside.

DIRECTV error code 771 is likely to occur during bad weather

In some cases during severe weather, usually during heavy rainfall or snow, your satellite signal may have interruptions between the dish and the satellite in space.

Try to wait out the severe weather or at least wait till it calms down a bit and see if that resolves the error 771 issue. While you wait you can still watch recordings off your DVR or watch shows on demand.

Snow in some cases may stick to the satellite dish causing error code 771. If you can easily access the dish without hurting yourself, grab a broom and sweep the snow off the face of the dish. If the dish is too high up, please try waiting for the sun to melt the snow. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLIMB THE ROOF. If you’ve waited and are still are having error 771 issues, schedule a service call with one of our technicians to see if we can clear the snow.

Please note that in most cases this will result in a small service charge.

DIRECTV Customer Support: 1-800-531-5000

No bad weather? Try these error code 771 troubleshooting steps:

Check all receiver connections

If only a few receivers are affected, be sure to check all your connections on the back of your receivers

  1. Check the SAT-IN connection (Satellite In) on the back of the receiver. Make sure the cable is not loose and screwed tightly.
  2. If your receiver has a SWM power brick attached to the DIRECTV coax cable the comes in from the dish, check to make sure its plugged in. It will have a green light to indicate that it’s on.
  3. If it is plugged in and has a glowing green light, try unplugging it from the electrical outlet and waiting 15 seconds before plugging it back in. Be sure that SWM power brick is not plugged into a power outlet that is controlled by a switch!

Check the satellite dish

If you can easily access your satellite dish, make sure nothing is blocking the signal. This sometime occurs with the overgrowth of a tree, bush or even when those trees or bushes begins to fill with leaves after winter season.

If you notice that your satellite signal is being blocked by a branch, tree or bush – you will either need to hire someone to remove or trim the branches or you can call us for service to try and relocate your dish. 

Please note that in most cases this will result in a small service charge.

DIRECTV Customer Support: 1-800-531-5000