how much does directv cost


How much does DIRECTV cost?

DIRECTV has 6 different Tiered packages to choose from:

  • Select — $64.99/mo
  • Entertainment — $69.99/mo
  • Choice — $74.99/mo
  • Xtra — $84.99/mo
  • Ultimate — $89.99/mo
  • Premier — $139.99/mo

Are these promotional prices?

Yes. The above pricing is for new customers and lasts for 12 months. The regular monthly pricing is as follows:

  • Select — $81/mo
  • Entertainment — $93/mo
  • Choice — $110/mo
  • Xtra — $124/mo
  • Ultimate — $135/mo
  • Premier — $189/mo

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

  • DIRECTV offers the 1st box fee for free. Each additional TV after is an extra $7 per month.
  • The HD DVR fee or Genie Fee is also included in the above pricing, regardless of how many TVs.
  • In certain markets on Choice package and above their may be a regional sports fee assessed. This generally runs under $8/mo.
  • If ordering a wireless Genie system, you will be charged a one time $99 fee plus tax.
  • If ordering more than 4 TVs, each additional receiver costs $99 plus tax. (the first 4 receivers are included for free)
  • DIRECTV may have an installation or processing fees depending are your qualifying region. This can range anywhere from $20 to $100. (one time fee)

So which DIRECTV package should you choose?

  • Select is a good choice for the basic TV watcher who doesn’t care about sports.
  • Entertainment is a good choice if the only sports channels you watch are ESPN or ESPN2.
  • Choice is a good choice if you want more sports, news channels, and additional programming.
  • Xtra is a good choice if you want every channel their is to offer minus the premium movie channels.
  • Ultimate is a good choice if you want everything in Xtra PLUS the Encore movie channels.
  • Premier is a good choice if you want the whole 9 yards offering everything we have plus all the HBO, Showtime, Cinemaz and Starz/Encore channels. It also includes the regional sports package.

To look at each package more in detail – please visit DIRECTV English Packages

If everything looks good you can order online by clicking HERE.

You can also call 1-800-480-0872 anytime, Monday through Saturday from 12pm to 8pm EST.